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Micro-volume accessory for determination of DNA and protein concentration by UV-Vis Spectrophotometry. read more
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The Nano Stick is a precision UV-Vis accessory designed for quick and reproducible measurements of biological samples. The accessory matches the size and format of standard 10 mm UV-Vis cuvettes and can be easily mounted in the cell holders of most bench-top UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

The Nano Stick is available in 8.5 mm and 15 mm z-height configurations and offers two pathlength options – 0.2 mm for concentrated samples and 0.5 mm for more routine applications. In addition, the product is available with two optical geometries – a single channel assembly that requires blank and the sample to be loaded and measured sequentially and a dual channel version with top and bottom sampling areas allowing blank and sample loading at the same time. For the dual channel version the complete measurement is performed by simply “flipping” the accessory in the cuvette holder. The 0.2 mm Nano Stick is available in black and red. The 0.5 mm version offers a selection of five colors. Each accessory comes complete with a loading tray and bubble checker.

  • Undiluted measurement of DNA/protein samples in 1 µL to 2 µL volume
  • Simple, reproducible loading
  • Quick cleaning with no sample carry over
  • Fits majority of standard UV-Vis spectrophotometers


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