Jackfish Spectroelectrochemical Cell

  • Jackfish SEC Spectroelectrochemical Cell


For surface-sensitive FTIR spectroelectrochemistry using the attenuated total reflection surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy (ATR-SEIRAS) technique. read more

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The Jackfish SEC Spectroelectrochemical Cell enables fundamental studies of the electrified metal-solution interface and applications in molecular self-assembly, interfacial sensing, and next-generation energy solutions. It is designed for surface-sensitive FTIR spectroelectrochemistry using the attenuated total reflectance surface-enhanced infrared spectroscopy (ATR-SEIRAS) technique. High quality IR spectra can be obtained from sub-monolayer amounts of adsorbed molecules. By controlling the electrical potential applied to the Au thin film electrode on the ATR crystal surface, the user can perform vibrational characterization of potential-dependent changes at the interface.

Fully compatible with the PIKE VeeMAX III variable angle ATR sampling accessory and face-angled crystal (FAC).

Teflon and glass design offer excellent compatibility with organic solvents and acidic/basic media

Reliable electrical contact with Au thin-film electrode

20 mL cell solution volume

Dedicated ports for gas bubblers, counter and reference electrodes and exhaust gas trap

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