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An innovative breakthrough in automated ATR sampling. Performs up to 24 unique ATR measurements in a single run! Suitable for sampling liquids, gels, pastes, casted films and more. read more

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The new AutoATR greatly enhances productivity of large-scale studies and facilitates routine measurements for high-throughput labs. Suitable for making ATR measurements of liquids, gels, pastes, casted films and more. It merges an exciting new ATR crystal developed via microtechnology with a microtiter plate platform offering precision mechanics and automated software control. Using a 24-well microtiter plate format enables 24 unique ATR measurements to be conducted within one run.

Complete hardware and software package for automatedATR analysis

Spectra comparable to a single reflection ZnSe or diamond ATR

Removable and replacement ATR elements

Fully enclosed, purgeable design with front-loading tray

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More Information

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