ATR products successfully replace constant path transmission cells and salt plates used for analysis of liquid and solid materials. ATR is well suited for both qualitative and quantitative applications. Several heating options are available

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The HATR Plus is an out-of-compartment design for samples which are larger and do not fit into the FTIR sample compartment. The sampling surface of the HATRPlus extends above the FTIR cover,
thereby permitting analysis of very large samples. Applications examples include coatings on large manufactured components, layered composition analysis on large objects, and skin analysis in
the health and personal care industries.

The IRIS accessory is the go-to diamond ATR for every lab. It is designed to make IR sampling easy. You can expect high-quality spectra covering a wide range of samples from powders, gels, liquids, solids and more. It is ideal for research, QA/QC and sample identification. Data collection for most samples may be completed in less than one minute.



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Multiple reflection ATR with 10 or 20 reflections. Interchangeable crystal configurations including ZnSe, Ge, AMTIR, KRS-5, and Si. Flat and trough plates available. Heating and flow through cell options.

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