ATR | Theory & Applications

IRIS - Monolithic Diamond ATR sampling
Copolymer Identification by ATR/FT-IR Spectroscopy
MIRacle - high throughput ATR sampling
Assessing Formulation in Polymeric Materials by ATR/FTIR
9 Reflection Plate for FTIR Measurements of Lubricants
Edible Oil & Alcohols Analysis by FTIR
Fibers Analysis by FTIR
MIRacle Design and Performance Features
Analysis of Polymers by ATR/FT-IR Spectroscopy
Cured Epoxy Analysis by ATR
Single and Triple Reflection MIRacle Diamond Crystal Plates
Transmission vs ATR
FTIR Measurements of Lubricating Oils Using Low-Volume Multiple Reflection ATR
Spectra Comparison - Single and 9-Reflection Crystal Plates
HATR - multiple reflection horizontal ATR
Collecting FTIR Spectra 38x Faster with the 20-Reflection HATR
Investigating the Drying Process of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
ATR-FTIR Investigation of the Ocean Surface
GladiATR - high performance monolithic diamond and Germanium ATR
Analysis of Materials in the Far-IR Spectral Region by ATR/FTIR
Direct Measurement of Trace Contamination on Metallic Surfaces Using ATR/FTIR
Monitoring Cure Characteristics of a Thermoset Epoxy by ATR/FTIR
Expanded Spectral Range Germanium ATR Crystal
GladiATR Vision - monolithic diamond ATR with sample viewing
Fiber Analysis Using FTIR-ATR with Optical Viewing
Rapid Analysis of Inks on Paper by Viewing ATR
Specular Reflection Spectroscopy with Viewing
VeeMAX with ATR - variable angle
Optimization of Grazing Angle ATR for the Analysis of Monolayers on Silicon
Investigating Polymer Orientation with FTIR-ATR
Probing Organic Self-Assembled Monolayers on Silicon by FTIR with Single Reflectance ATR
Formation and Structure of APTES Films on Si
Effects of Curing Conditions on the Structure and Stability of APTES on Si
VeeMAX lll: The Next Generation
Surface-Sensitive Spectroelectrochemistry with ATR-SEIRAS
Automated Specular Measurements of a Thin Film
Monitoring Electrochemical Performance of SEIRAS Gold Layers
SEIRAS-optimized ATR Wafers for Interfacial Spectroelectrochemistry
AutoATR - automated ATR sampling
An Innovative Breakthrough in Automated ATR Sampling

Polarization | Theory & Applications


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Copolymer Identification Using IRIS ATR


Chemical structure of cellulose (left) and propionate (right) substituents making up the cellulose propionate copolymer.


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