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PIKE Technologies offers Premier Stock window and crystal materials – a carefully selected range of IR transparent materials most often used by IR spectroscopists. They fit PIKE accessories and cell holders available from other vendors. All windows, crystals and powders are made from the best quality material.

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PIKE Technologies offers all standard IR windows disks and KBr powder required for FTIR sampling. More Info >

Crystal Polishing Kit
Crystal Polishing Kit (PN 162-4000)

Crystal polishing kit is a cost effective tool for restoring used and fogged IR windows to their original quality. More Info >

Universal Holder
Universal Holder (PN 162-56XX)

Easy to use transmission holder with flexible sample mount. More Info >

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Film Holder
Heavy-Duty Magnetic Film Holder (PN 162-5500)

Magnetic holder for thick polymer samples and awkward materials. More Info >

Magnetic Film Holder for 13 mm pellets and film samples
Magnetic Film Holder for 13 mm pellets and film samples (PN 162-5300)

Magnetic holder for support of KBr pellets, thin polymer films and other light samples. More Info >

Sampling Cards
Sampling Cards (PN # 162-54XX-1)

Self-adhesive sampling cards for quick and convenient mounting of light samples and sample storage. More Info >

Dual Pellet Holder
Dual Pellet Holder (PN 161-5700)

Universal holder for mounting smaller KBr pellets prepared with PIKE Technologies hand press. More Info >

Single Pellet Holder
Single Pellet Holder (PN 161-1018)

Dedicated holder for mounting 7 mm KBr pellets prepared with PIKE Technologies hand press. More Info >

Bolt Press/Gas Cell Holders
Bolt Press/Gas Cell Holders

Versatile holder with selectable lengths of support rods for mounting gas cells and samples mounted in long dies or holders. More Info >

Press-On Demountable Cell
Press-On Demountable Cell (PN # 162-36XX)

Quickly assembled and disassembled cell holder for support of KBr disks prepared for mull or smear analysis. More Info >

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This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.



Ellen Miseo, Jenni Briggs, Gloria Story
Problems with FT-IR Spectra 
and How to Avoid Them
PITTCON Course#: SC070

Wednesday: 03/20/2019 
at the PITTCON Conference



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