UV-Vis DiffusIR

UV-Vis DiffusIR

The PIKE Technologies UV-Vis DiffusIR diffuse reflectance accessory is used for research and routine measurements. Powered optical mirrors are diamond-turned aluminum for optimal performance and reflectivity. Its base is completely enclosed to shield against external light. To avoid additional stray light from filtering into the accessory, a magnetically-attached light shield is included to cover the sample slide. The standard configuration offers a two-position slide to accommodate reference and sample cups.

  • Micrometer-controlled sample focus to optimize results for every sample
  • Optional environmental chambers for heating, cooling and high-vacuum applications
  • Quick release feature of environmental chambers for easy insertion and removal of sealed chambers
  • Digital PC temperature controller option for programming ramping rates and isothermal hold times

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Copolymer Identification Using IRIS ATR


Chemical structure of cellulose (left) and propionate (right) substituents making up the cellulose propionate copolymer.


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