Automated UV-Vis Accessories

PIKE Technologies’ vertical R-theta computer controlled accessories for translating and rotating samples in the spectrophotometer beam. These tools enable transmission mapping of sample surfaces and generating spectroscopy data as a function of sample position. Suitable for determination of film and coating thickness, multilayer film analysis, reflectivity studies and characterization of optical materials. Using the standard sample wheel and custom inserts, these accessories are suitable for analyzing small and large size samples including coated and uncoated glass, optical filters, solar panels and similar materials. Support ring mounts on the accessory’s drive and is rotated and translated laterally to produce an R-theta motion covering the entire sampling range of the accessory. Each system incorporates two precision stepper motors for the plate movement. 

  • R-theta motion mapping optical samples
  • Complete hardware and software interface package for automated, multi-position measurements
  • Light-tight enclosure included
  • Custom inserts available

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This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.



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