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Transmission sampling techniques may be applied to a very wide range of sample types including liquids, solids and gases. Application of automation technology to traditional transmission sampling can improve sample throughput and improve sample precision.
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Beam Condensers
Beam Condensers (PN 031-XXXX)

4 and 6X beam condensers for microsampling. Available with standard or gold-coated optics for optimal performance in the mid- and near-IR operation. More Info >

Demountable Liquid Cell
Demountable Liquid Cell (PN 162-1100-XX)

Ideal for the analysis of viscous liquid and mull samples. Optional spacers for pathlength control are available. More Info >

Heated Gas Cell
Heated Gas Cell (PN 162-20XX)

High performance 100 mm pathlength heated gas cell. Temperatures up to 300 °C.  More Info >

Low-Volume Heated Gas Cell
Low-Volume Heated Gas Cell (PN 164-62XX)

Low-Volume Heated Gas Cell - ideal for infrared applications such as determining and quantifying off-gassing and headspace species where gas volume is limited. More Info >

SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells
SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells (PN 165-4000 - 165-7010)

SmartSeal Liquid Transmission Cells - for precision, fixed pathlength liquid sampling. More Info >

Stainless Steel Short-Path Gas Cells
Stainless Steel Short-Path Gas Cells (PN 164-21XX - 164-29XX)

Durable metal body gas cells with pathlengths of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm for analyzing more concentrated gases. Heated options available. More Info >

Transmission Multi-SamplIR
Transmission Multi-SamplIR (PN 074-26XX)

Holds up to 18 samples. Custom inserts available. Automated R-theta motion controlled through PIKE AutoPROTM. More Info >

RotatIR (PN 091-20XX)

Automated selection of the angle of transmission through the sample. Accomodates standard sample holders. Motion controlled with PIKE AutoPROTM software. More Info >

Heated Solid Transmission
Heated Solid Transmission (PN 112-10XX)

Transmission Accessory for measurements of polymers and optical components under elevated temperatures.  More Info >

Auto-Transmission Accessory
Auto-Transmission Accessory (PN 075-28XX)

Horizontal transmission accessory with a 8 or 12 inch sample stage. May accommodate up to 83 samples. Custom inserts available. More Info >

X,Y Autosampler
X,Y Autosampler (PN 073-90XX)

Near and mid-IR X,Y sampling accessory. Accepts standard 24, 48, or 96 well plates. Diffuse reflection accessory with transmission option. More Info >

Press-On Demountable Cell
Press-On Demountable Cell (PN 162-36XX)

Ideal for the analysis of viscous liquid and mull samples. Optional spacers for pathlength control are available. More Info >

Long-Path Quartz Liquid Cells
Long-Path Quartz Liquid Cells

Quartz cells for the analysis of hydrocarbon content of water, soil and other environmental samples. Suitable for ASTM Method D7066-04. More Info >

Falcon Mid-IR Transmission
Falcon Mid-IR Transmission (PN 111-40XX)

Peltier temperature control midIR transmission accessory. Temperature range from 5 to 130 °C. Variable cell pathlengths between 15 micron to 1 mm. More Info >

Falcon NIR Transmission
Falcon NIR Transmission (PN 110-60XX)

Peltier temperature control NIR transmission accessory. Designed to accommodate glass vials of 5, 8, and 12 mm or 1 cm cuvette. Temperature range from 5 to 130 °C. More Info >

Heated Platens Accessory
Heated Platens Accessory (PN 181-2000)

Make polymeric thin films for IR transmission analysis. For use with a hydraulic press.  More Info >

Sample Preparation Accessories
Sample Preparation Accessories

KBr chunks and powder for making pellets and the preparation of diffuse reflection samples. Agate Mortar and Pestle. Nujol and Fluorolube.  More Info >

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