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Many spectroscopic applications benefit from temperature control. PIKE Techologies offers several heating and cooling accessories covering many different sampling techniques including ATR, diffuse reflectance, and transmission.
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Long-Path Gas Cells
Long-Path Gas Cells (PN 163-XXXX)

Fixed and variable pathlength gas cells from 2.4 to 33 m for gas concentrations in the ppm and ppb range. Heating options.  More Info >

MIRacle™ Single Reflection ATR
MIRacle™ Single Reflection ATR (PN 025-18XX)

Highly efficient single reflection ATR. Exchangeable crystals: diamond/ZnSe, ZnSe, Ge, and Si. Heating options.

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GladiATR™ (PN 026-18XX)

Monolithic diamond ATR for full spectral range from 4000 - 400 cm-1 and into the far IR. Heating options up to 300 °C. Ge ATR crystal also available.
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GladiATR™ Vision
GladiATR™ Vision (PN 026-19XX)

Viewing ATR with monolithic diamond crystal for full spectral range from 4000 - 400 cm-1 and into the far IR. Heating options up to 210 °C. Ge ATR crystal also available.  More Info >

HATR (PN 022-19XX)

Multiple reflection ATR with 10 or 20 reflections. Interchangeable crystal configurations including ZnSe, Ge, AMTIR, KRS-5, and Si. Flat and trough plates available. Heating and flow through cell options.  More Info >

VeeMAX™ III with ATR
VeeMAX™ III with ATR (PN 013-10XX)

Variable angle single reflection ATR for depth profiling, monolayer, and electrochemistry studies. Purgeable. Integrated polarizer slot. Automated option available.  More Info >

ATRMax II™ (PN 023-19XX)

Variable angle multiple reflection ATR. Interchangeable crystal plate configurations including ZnSe, Ge, AMTIR, KRS-5, and Si. Flat and trough plates. Heating and flow through cell options.  More Info >

DiffusIR™ (PN 041-10XX)

Research grade diffuse reflection accessory. Fully purgeable. May be configured for high and low temperature environmental chambers for catalytic and reaction studies. High pressure option.  More Info >

Falcon Mid-IR Transmission
Falcon Mid-IR Transmission (PN 111-40XX)

Peltier temperature control midIR transmission accessory. Temperature range from 5 to 130 °C. Variable cell pathlengths between 15 micron to 1 mm. More Info >

Falcon NIR Transmission
Falcon NIR Transmission (PN 110-60XX)

Peltier temperature control NIR transmission accessory. Designed to accommodate glass vials of 5, 8, and 12 mm or 1 cm cuvette. Temperature range from 5 to 130 °C. More Info >

Falcon UV/Vis Transmission
Falcon UV/Vis Transmission (PN 110-60XXX)

Pelter temperature control transmission accessory for UV/Vis applications. Temperature range between 5 to 130 °C. Interchangeable vial and cuvette holders.More Info >

S-100R Heated Stage
S-100R Heated Stage (PN 162-4186)

The S-100R is a microscope heating stage with temperature control from ambient to 600 °C More Info >

Heated Solid Transmission
Heated Solid Transmission (PN 112-10XX)

Transmission Accessory for measurements of polymers and optical components under elevated temperatures.  More Info >

Peltier Cuvette Holders
Peltier Cuvette Holders (PN 171-70XXX)

Peltier-Controlled Cuvette Holders for UV-Vis Spectrophotometer offer precision temperature control and highly responsive ramping. More Info >

Heated Gas Cell
Heated Gas Cell (PN 162-20XX)

High performance 100 mm pathlength heated gas cell. Temperatures up to 300 °C.  More Info >

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