Comprehensive Transmission Kit

This kit contains a tools and materials for gas, liquid, and solid sampling. A small path 100 mm gas cell is provided for the analysis of sample components generally above 1% by weight. For solid sampling, a hand press is included for making KBr pellets. Variable pathlength liquid demountable cell is included for the analysis of liquid samples. A press-on demountable cell accommodates viscous samples by creating a thin film between two KBr windows.

  • Complete sampling kit for IR analysis of solids, liquids, and gas samples by transmission
  • Make KBr pellets and mulls for solid samples
  • Run qualitative and quantitative analysis for liquid samples
  • ID and quantify gas samples

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Comprehensive Sampling Kit


This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.



Copolymer Identification Using IRIS ATR


Chemical structure of cellulose (left) and propionate (right) substituents making up the cellulose propionate copolymer.


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