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Remote Sampling

Hollow waveguide and fiber optic sampling accessories provide a new dimension of flexibility – allowing analysis of samples outside of the sample compartment, even in difficult to access areas. PIKE Technologies offers NIR and Mid-IR accessories with selection of remote sampling probes.

Mid-IR FlexIR
Mid-IR FlexIR (PN 045-30XX)

High-throughput, rugged hollow waveguide mid-IR accessory for remote sample analysis and reaction monitoring. More Info >

Near-IR FlexIR
Near-IR FlexIR (PN 045-10XX)

Fiber optic NIR sampling accessory fitting into the NIR spectrometer sample compartment. Eliminates sample preparation. More Info >


This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.


Just Released!

We are excited to introduce an update to the MIRacle ATR - the new Performance High-Pressure Clamp.

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