Mid-IR FlexIR

The PIKE FlexIR Hollow Waveguide Accessory is an excellent tool for remote and specific area analysis of a wide variety of samples in the mid-infrared region. Visible surface contamination, small area material identification and bulky materials too large to fit into the FTIR sample compartment are a few of the many samples and application types for the FlexIR accessory. The FlexIR also is ideal for reaction monitoring. Available probes include ATR, diffuse reflection, and specular reflection.

  • Fast and easy identification of remote samples
  • Highly durable, high throughput hollow waveguides
  • Full mid-IR spectral range coverage
  • ATR, specular and diffuse reflectance probes
  • Selecion of detectors

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This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.


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We are excited to introduce an update to the MIRacle ATR - the new Performance High-Pressure Clamp.

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