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Microsampling accessories make an ideal addition to an FTIR Spectrometer when you need to do analysis of samples considerably smaller than the IR beam size - typically 8 to 10 mm. PIKE Technologies offers microsampling accessories which demagnify the FTIR beam to a smaller dimension and thereby increase IR throughput for small samples.
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ÁMax Microscope
ÁMax Microscope (PN 034-XXXX)

Compact sample compartment IR microscope ideal for microsampling. Available with transmission, reflection and ATR. More Info >

S-100R Heated Stage
S-100R Heated Stage (PN 162-4186)

The S-100R is a microscope heating stage with temperature control from ambient to 600 °C More Info >

Beam Condensers
Beam Condensers (PN 031-XXXX)

4 and 6X beam condensers for microsampling. Available with standard or gold-coated optics for optimal performance in the mid- and near-IR operation. More Info >

Micro Compression Cell
Micro Compression Cell (PN 034-3060)

Excellent sampling tool for supporting small samples for transmission analysis. Sample supported between two salt windows. More Info >

Micro Plane
Micro Plane (PN 162-00XX)

Tool for sample preparation of thin slices. Carbide and diamond blade versions. More Info >

3-Position Sample Slide
3-Position Sample Slide (PN 162-6401)

Designed for placement of 13 mm windows or gold surface mirror. Ideal sample holder for the PIKE MicroMAX IR microscope. More Info >

Micro Diamond Cell
Micro Diamond Cell

High pressure diamond compression cell for micro samples. 1.6 and 2.0 clear aperture versions. More Info >

Micro TouchPick Pen Set
Micro TouchPick Pen Set (PN 162-0045)

Ergonomic pen set for delicate maneuvering of specimens. More Info >

Micro Vice-Mini
Micro Vice-Mini (PN 162-0048)

Multi-use sample holder for round and unevenly-shaped samples. More Info >

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This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.



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