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Integrating Spheres

Integrating spheres provide the ability to collect a quantitative reflectance or transmission spectrum from highly scattering or irregular shaped samples. Applications include quantitative analysis of sample composition where sample morphology varies and quantitative analysis of sample reflectance.
Mid-IR IntegratIR™
Mid-IR IntegratIR™ (PN 048-10XX)

3 inch gold coated sphere for the mid-IR measurement of diffuse solids and powders. Ideal for measuring reflectivity and collecting spectra difficult to obtain with standard sampling techniques. More Info >

Mid-IR External Integrating Sphere
Mid-IR External Integrating Sphere (PN 048-13XX)

External Integrating Sphere for precise reflectivity measurements. Accommodates large-sized samples. More Info >

NIR IntegratIR™
NIR IntegratIR™ (PN 048-60XX)

2 inch gold coated sphere with integrated InGaAs detector for the NIR.  Excellent quantitative and qualitative tool. More Info >


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KBR: Proper Use and Handling Methods

Potasium Bromide is a key diluent for IR sample preparation. Learn about optimal sample concentration and how particle size plays a role in achieving clear pellets and consistent diffuse reflectance results.

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