IR Microscope Objectives - High NA and Broadband IR

Reflective: 20X, 40X, 100X, and more
Refractive: 5X, 10X, 25X and more

PIKE has improved upon traditional reflective Schwarzschild objectives, and also offers an innovative line of refractive objectives for the mid-infrared. Higher Numerical Aperture – without sacrificing image quality – is enabled by the cutting-edge aspheric fabrication capabilities at PIKE Technologies. Vertical integration of diamond turning, polishing, precision asphere metrology and active alignment allows strict quality control on quantities scalable from prototype to production. Top-notch performance from 5x-100x with zero-adjustments, compatible threads, tube lengths, and parfocal lengths make PIKE objectives ready for an easily-implemented, powerful addition to your imaging toolkit.

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This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.


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We are excited to introduce an update to the MIRacle ATR - the new Performance High-Pressure Clamp.

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