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PIKE Technologies provides a complete line of gas cells for measurement of vapor phase components from percent to part-per-billion concentrations. Room temperature and heated gas cells are also available.

Stainless Steel Short-Path Gas Cells
Stainless Steel Short-Path Gas Cells (PN 164-21XX - 164-29XX)

Durable metal body gas cells with pathlengths of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm for analyzing more concentrated gases. Heated options available. More Info >

Short-Path Gas Cells
Short-Path Gas Cells (PN 162-XXXX)

Glass body transmission cells with pathlengths of 50 and 100 mm for gas concentrations above 1%. More Info >

Heated Gas Cell
Heated Gas Cell (PN 162-20XX)

High performance 100 mm pathlength heated gas cell. Temperatures up to 300 °C.  More Info >

Long-Path Gas Cells
Long-Path Gas Cells (PN 163-XXXX)

Fixed and variable pathlength gas cells from 2.4 to 33 m for gas concentrations in the ppm and ppb range. Heating options.  More Info >


This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.



Copolymer Identification Using IRIS ATR


Chemical structure of cellulose (left) and propionate (right) substituents making up the cellulose propionate copolymer.


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