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GC and TGA Interfaces

PIKE Technologies offers several sampling accessories for specific spectroscopic analysis of unique sample forms such as evolved gases from TGA analysis, and separated gases from GC analysis. The External Sample Module may be tailored to accommodate complex sampling experiments while keeping the main sample compartment free for routine experiments.
TGA/FTIR Accessory
TGA/FTIR Accessory (PN 162-24XX)

Interface for evolved gas analysis from a TGA to the FTIR. Includes a heated gas cell and transfer lines. More Info >

GC/FTIR Accessory
GC/FTIR Accessory (PN 140-10XX)

Complete accessory for interfacing gas chromatograph with FTIR instruments. More Info >

External Sample Module
External Sample Module (PN 155-10XXX)

Versatile sampling station with a full size compartment for use with the external FTIR beam. Ideal for a complex sampling setup. More Info >


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