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Multiple PIKE products are available in automated versions. Automated sampling accessories improve sample throughput and lab efficiency. System controlled measurements also offer more consistent precision and accuracy. Application of automation technology to traditional transmission sampling can improve sample throughput and provide enhanced sampling precision.

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AutoDiff II™
AutoDiff II™ (PN 043-28XX)

Automated diffuse reflection accessory to increase productivity in high volume labs.  More Info >

Infrared Polarizers
Infrared Polarizers (PN 090-XXXX)

High performance manual and automated polarizers covering the near, mid, and far IR spectral regions. More Info >

Transmission Multi-SamplIR
Transmission Multi-SamplIR (PN 074-26XX)

Holds up to 18 samples. Custom inserts available. Automated R-theta motion controlled through PIKE AutoPROTM. More Info >

RotatIR (PN 091-20XX)

Automated selection of the angle of transmission through the sample. Accomodates standard sample holders. Motion controlled with PIKE AutoPROTM software. More Info >

Auto-Transmission Accessory
Auto-Transmission Accessory (PN 075-28XX)

Horizontal transmission accessory with a 8 or 12 inch sample stage. May accommodate up to 83 samples. Custom inserts available. More Info >

Vertical Wafer Accessory
Vertical Wafer Accessory (PN 073-26XX)

Mapping accessory for wafers and samples up to 6 inch diameters. R-Theta or X-Y programmable motion controlled. More Info >

MappIR (PN 016-28XX)

8 inch (200 mm) wafer mapping accessory. Specular reflection and transmission sampling in one accessory. Custom inserts available.  More Info >

Map300 (PN 017-28XX)

12 inch (300 mm) wafer mapping accessory. Specular reflection and transmission sampling in one accessory. Custom inserts available.  More Info >

Automated VeeMAX
Automated VeeMAX

Specular and ATR variable angle accessory with programmable angular settings. Angle of incidence setting control with PIKE AutoPROTMMore Info >

X,Y Autosampler
X,Y Autosampler (PN 073-90XX)

Near and mid-IR X,Y sampling accessory. Accepts standard 24, 48, or 96 well plates. Diffuse reflection accessory with transmission option. More Info >

Microplate Reader
Microplate Reader (PN 047-10XXX)

Out-of-Compartment Microplate Reader option for UV-Vis Spectrophotometers. More Info >

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