TGA/FTIR Accessory

The TGA/FTIR Accessory is designed to be an interface for evolved gas analysis from a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) to your FTIR spectrometer. Evolved gases from the TGA pass through a heated transfer line into a beam conforming flow cell in the FTIR sample compartment. As these evolved gases travel through the flow cell, FTIR spectra are collected and stored for further processing. Qualitative and quantitative measurements are doable from sample masses, typically in the low milligram range. The PIKE TGA/FTIR Accessory is compatible with most FTIR spectrometers and most TGA instruments.

  • Temperature control settable up to 300 °C for flow cell and transfer line
  • Interfaces with most TGA models
  • 100 mm IR beam pathlength for maximized FTIR sensitivity

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