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We strive to provide you with useful sampling tools for spectroscopy and offer these additional products and information to serve your laboratory requirements. If you have not found the exact sampling tool or information within our catalog, please contact us. Your spectroscopy sampling requirements may become one of our product offerings in the future.
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Polystyrene Reference Materials
Polystyrene Reference Materials (PN 162-54XX)

Polystyrene films for calibrating wavenumber accuracy and linearity. NIST traceable reference material. More Info >

Specular Reference Standard
Specular Reference Standard (PN 162-5460)

Mid-IR standard for calibration of the spectrometer equipped with a specular reflectance accessory. More Info >

Diffuse Reflectance Standards
Diffuse Reflectance Standards (PN # 162-54XX)

Mid-IR, NIR and UV-Vis diffuse reflectance standards.  More Info >    

ATR Standard
ATR Standard (PN 162-547X)

ATR standard for calibration of the spectrometer equipped with an ATR accessory. More Info >

NIR Standard
NIR Standard (PN 048-307X)

NIST traceable standard for calibration and validation of NIR spectrometers.  More Info >    

PIKECalc Software
PIKECalc Software (PN 007-0300)

Simple "FTIR Calculator" for quick data conversion, thickness and ATR crystal parameters determination. More Info >

ATR Databases
ATR Databases (PN 008-30XX)

Comprehensive digital library of high quality ATR spectra. More Info >

Transmission Databases
Transmission Databases (PN 008-40XX)

Comprehenisve digital library of high quality transmission spectra. More Info >

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This newest PIKE catalog contains details on a wide range of spectrometer accessories, applications and theory.



KBR: Proper Use and Handling Methods

Potasium Bromide is a key diluent for IR sample preparation. Learn about optimal sample concentration and how particle size plays a role in achieving clear pellets and consistent diffuse reflectance results.

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