Premium Transmission Sampling Kit

Premium Transmission Sampling Kit
The Premium Transmission Sampling Kit contains tools and materials for liquid and solid sampling. A demountable cell (drilled and undrilled windows with precision Teflon spacers, plus 2” x 3” standard cell holder) is provided for measurements of liquid samples. Viscous liquids can be measured directly as a thin film between the KBr windows. The kit includes  a small bench top hydraulic press for the easy preparation of 7 mm KBr pellets. A mortar with pestle and Nujol™/Fluorolube®  are provided for mull making. It also contains a set of the most popular sample holders including the universal holder for polymer films, KBr pellet holder and PIKE disposable/storage cardboard cards for pellets and polymer films. 
  • Complete kit for transmission FTIR sampling
  • Pixie small hydraulic press for making KBr pellets
  • Making mulls for solid samples
  • Run liquid samples for qualitative and quantitative analysis

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