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Pellet making is considered an art by some practitioners. However, there are steps that may be taken to assure a quality spectrum. Choose these steps from the list below.

A)  Assure particle size of KBr and sample is greater than 250 microns

B)  Dry KBr at 100 °C overnight to remove moisture

C)  Dilute sample concentration, typically 5% or less

D)  Use a hydraulic press, such as the PIKE Pixie or CrushIR

E) B, C and D above

Spectrum shown above is calciumoxalate hydrate; KBr pellet was made with the PIKE Pixie press.

Good Luck! Entries must be submitted by Sept 30, 2017. One entry per person.

Winner will be announced on our website on October 9, 2017.


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