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Diffuse Reflectance

Diffuse reflectance is a highly sensitive technique for the analysis of powdered and solid samples. PIKE offers multiple configurations for single and high throughput diffuse reflectance sampling.

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EasiDiff™ (PN 042-10XX)

Diffuse reflection accessory for analysis of powders, solids, minerals, and inorganic solids. More Info >

DiffusIR™ (PN 041-10XX)

Research grade diffuse reflection accessory. Fully purgeable. May be configured for high and low temperature environmental chambers for catalytic and reaction studies. High pressure option.  More Info >

UpIR™ (PN 044-10XX)

Upward looking diffuse reflection accessory, which has the sampling platform  positioned above the plane of the spectrometer. Ideal for the analysis of large samples and panels.  More Info >

AutoDiff™ (PN 043-28XX)

Automated diffuse reflection accessory to increase productivity in high volume labs.  More Info >

X,Y Autosampler
X,Y Autosampler (PN 073-90XX)

Near and mid-IR X,Y sampling accessory. Accepts standard 24, 48, or 96 well plates. Diffuse reflection accessory with transmission option. More Info >

Diffuse Reflection Powder Kit
Diffuse Reflection Powder Kit (PN 042-3040)

Micro and macro sample cups and loading trays for diffuse reflection accessories.  More Info >

Abrasion Sampling Kit
Abrasion Sampling Kit (PN 042-3010)

Diamond and silicon carbide disks with disk holder for abrasion testing. Used with diffuse reflection accessories.  More Info >

ShakIR Sample Grinder
ShakIR Sample Grinder (PN 161-1070)

Automated accessory for mixing and grinding of samples for pellet preparation and FTIR analysis.  More Info >

Super ShakIR Sample Grinder
Super ShakIR Sample Grinder (PN 161-1080)

Automated accessory for mixing and grinding of samples for pellet preparation and FTIR analysis.

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