MIRacle™ Single Reflection ATR

The PIKE MIRacle™ is a universal ATR sampling accessory for analysis of solids, liquids, pastes, gels, and intractable materials. In its most popular configuration, it is a single reflection ATR accessory with high IR throughput which makes it ideal for sample identification and QA/QC applications. Easily changeable crystal plate design enables analysis of a broad spectrum of sample types while ensuring constant sampling pathlength. ATR crystals available are diamond/ZnSe, ZnSe, Ge, and Si. Advanced options include three reflection ATR crystal plates to optimize for lower concentration components and heating.

  • Highest IR throughput
  • Fully configurable - ZnSe, Diamond, Ge and Si crystal plates
  • Temperature control options
  • Optional sealed sample chamber for toxic or chemically aggressive samples

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